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The Wisdom of Native Plants and Trees

     A note from the author of this web site: I now live in San Clemente, California. My family roots are in St. Paul, Minnesota where I grew up in a red, brick house that used to be part of a dairy farm. Maybe deep memories of generations surviving numbing cold winters eventually drove me to seek out the sun-swept desert. 
     The dry air energized. The solid brown mountains strengthened. Deeply touched by the fantastic plants and trees, I found they possessed qualities I aspired to as a human. Listening with the heart and simply looking at their strengths and beauty, I found them to be mirrors for balance and healing in a human life. One hot day in June, walking a trail in Palm Canyon, I realized the Trail, these plants, were   the essence of my life. 

Quote of the Month:


The bristlecone pine trees in the White Mountains of California are the oldest living things on earth.

To have the heart of an ancient bristlecone pine tree is to be able to see the darkness before the dawn, to conserve and focus all your energy toward your dreams; not to speed along the trail of life but to stop and savor even the details of an ancient tree’s life high above the city. The ancients live a long dream.

                                                    Linda McMillin Pyle   © Copyright 2000