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printed with permission by PALM SPRINGS LIFE AUGUST 2003

Eileen Stern, Palm springs resident and hiker says:

"Delicious Hiking! What a wonderful, innovative hiking guidebook! As a hiker and Palm Springs resident, it is a joy to read Linda's prose that so appropriately captures our beautiful desert trails. 

I am particularly impressed with Linda's description of the Indian Canyons. Each year, HIKE FOR HOPE is held in these beautiful canyons, offering 7 different guided hikes to raise money to fund women's cancer research at the City of Hope. Linda understands the magic of those canyons and the wonderful spirit that exists there. Linda has been a terrific supporter of this event. We met her because of her book and our admiration of it."  AUTHOR NOTE *** HIKE FOR HOPE  WILL BE HELD ON MARCH 11TH. FOR INFORMATION www.hike4hope.com   

Patti, communications director for Palm Spring Tourism says:

"Peaks, Palms and Picnics is a lovely book! Great cover too!"

Diane, owner of Mosaic gift shop on Palm Canyon Drive says:

"A clever, much needed new hiking guide for the desert!"

JODEYW@smwd.com from San Juan Capistrano, CA says:

Thanks---I'd have missed this trail and its incredible view!

During our drive out to Palm Springs, I skimmed through the book and map to find hikes that would be near our hotel. I read about six different hikes/chapters and then chose two that I thought would be close and not too long since I would be hiking by myself.

Not familiar with the area at all, the first thing I did after arriving at the hotel was ask the concierge where the nearest hiking trails were. I was told there were none. (The concierge could use a copy of your book.)

Back at my room, armed with your book I found one three blocks away. Perfect! I set out the next morning, found the trail easily and started up. What I enjoyed most while hiking was remembering what you had written about your experience and it was like sharing my trek with an invisible friend. I found myself noticing the canyon below that you had mentioned and wondered if I would have admired it as much if it hadn't been pointed out in your book. When I reached the top with that incredible view of the Coachella Valley, I sat for a long time. I was looking forward to telling you that I had "made it", it was worth the uphill climb and to say thanks because if I hadn't read about this trail, I would never have known it existed!

I had originally planned to run up the trail--that lasted about one third of the way up. But I did run all the way down on the way back. Yahoo!!!

I finished the rest of the book and intended to do a second hike but ran out of time. We did check out some of the famous homes listed in your book while driving around.

What the media is saying:

“Extremely well-written . ..describes in detail every single possible trail you
can go on. Linda will go far as a writer.”
—V.J. Hume, KWXY Palm
Springs Radio 13.40AM and 98.5 FM

"Outstanding. Dynamite book!"
"--Steve Covington, Palm Springs area tour director and Barnes and Noble Public Relations Director" 

 “You filled a need for a new desert guidebook and we love the recipes.”
--Diane Matzner, owner Mosaic, Palm Springs

“Yes, there is more to do in the desert besides golf! —Linette, fitness director Rancho San Clemente  Tennis and Fitness Club

What readers are saying:                                                              

“Thanks, I’d have missed this trail and the incredible view!”

  “Can’t wait to plan our desert trip!”

“Great gift! I gave it to everyone in my family.”

“Couldn’t stop reading it! ”

“As an experienced hiker myself, it is obvious Linda knows the desert trails
very well.”

“You inspired me to do one of the journeys, now I have 32 more to go!”

“..a fantastic book, recipes, travel, and history. That interests me.”

“You can be sure this book will be of great interest to adventurous
"Your descriptions are great. This writing style is an English major's delight. You have me seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling those desert places!"